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Indoor studios are perfect for all kinds of photoshoots, especially in the Houston summer heat. They also offer a beautiful backdrop. Below are some of my clients favorites. I have listed venue prices but please note that these can change anytime since they are set by the venue.

Location 1: The Creative Chateau ($100-150/ hour depending on the room and day)

This location is in the process of selling so will not be a photography studio much longer. It is a STUNNING location for family sessions, newborn sessions, engagement, bridals, and much more. Take advantage while you can.

Room 1: The Juliette

Room 2: CoCo

Room 3: Colette

Location 2: The Oak Atelier ($125-150/ hour depending on the room and day)

Room 1: The Oak

Room 2: The Elm

Room 3: The Alder

Room 4: The Rosewood Atelier

Brand new studio

Location 3: East Downtown ($85/ hour depending on the room and day)


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